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New SmartHub feature allows members to report an outage, notifies them of outages in their area

A new SmartHub app feature - Service Status - provides a convenient way to check on outages. By using the app, members will be notified of outages in their area and they can also report an outage through the app. Here's how it works... When a member opens the SmartHub app, they will see a new feature on the home screen, Service Status.

When a member opens the Service Status link, they can see if there are any outages already reported in their area.  If the member's location is part of a larger outage that has already been reported, they will receive an alert on the Service Status screen letting them know there are known issues in their area and the power will be restored as quickly and safely as possible.If no outages have been reported, the screen will say, "No known issues". If they have an outage and the screen shows "No known issues," the member can use the "Report An Outage" option to easily notify Jackson Energy.

Members will be able to type comments, which will be sent to our Dispatch Center. The new feature will allow Jackson Energy members to report an outage without having to call the toll-free number - 1 800-262-7480. This new feature is just another way Jackson Energy is working for you, our members.