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Capital Credits

As a cooperative, Jackson Energy is here to provide a service, not to make a profit or margin. There is no stock to be purchased or sold; our members are the owners of the company. One of the cooperative principles is the allocation of any margins earned by the co-op to its members. Any revenue collected by the co-op that is not needed to cover the cost of providing service is accounted for and allocated back to the members based on the amount of electricity they paid for during the year.

Margins are the funds left over at the end of the year after all bills are paid. In other businesses, this is called profit.

Each member’s account is allocated a portion of any margins that are left over each year. Currently, those margins are paid to member estates. Family members request capital credit allocations can contact the Capital Credit Clerk by calling 800-262-7480. Additional information is also available under Member Services.



As a cooperative, providing information to members is an important part of Jackson Energy's mission. In order to keep members informed about their electric cooperative, all members recieve a copy of KENTUCKY LIVING magazine each month.

The magazine is produced by the Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives in Louisville, and also contains the Jackson Energy member newsletter, The Spotlight, in the center section. It provides valuable information about local programs and services offered by the co-op.



As a cooperative, Jackson Energy is governed by a set of bylaws that outline the operation of the cooperative.

( A copy of the Jackson Energy Cooperative Member Bylaws is available at any Jackson Energy office)