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Jackson Energy offers prepay program - buy electricity before you use it and save

If you're looking for a way to control how much - and when - you pay for electricity,  Jackson Energy's prepay program could be right for you.

Under prepay, members purchase electricity before they use it and an in-home display provides information on electric use and also an alert when the balance is getting low.

Pepay allows co-op members to -
• say goodbye to deposits,
• customize a payment schedule,
• buy electricity when it's convenient, and
• monitor their use.

Studies of other utilties that offer prepay have shown that customers use an average of 12% less electricity with the innovative service.

How does it work?

Members sign up for prepay by paying $100 in to their account. No deposit is required. They receive the display, which plugs in to an outlet at their home. The display shows the amount of electricity being used and also provides an audible alert when the account is running low and more money needs to be added.

Members can add to their account by making convenient payments of any amount at Jackson Energy offices, over the phone and also online. 

For more information on Jackson Energy's prepay program, call 1 800-262-7480. A video on the home page of the Jackson Energy website,, also provides additional information.

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