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Want $50 for recycling your old refrigerator or freezer? We will pay you for recycling your inefficient, working appliance through our Appliance Recycling Program.

Qualifying refrigerators and freezers must be:

  • in working condition (compressor running);
  • plugged in and running at scheduled pick-up;
  • between 7.75 – 30 cubic feet;
  • empty and defrosted, with water lines disconnected at scheduled pick-up time.


Have your account number ready and call 1-844-HAUL4ME (1-844-428-5463) to schedule your free pick-up.



Jackson Energy also offers rebates on some Energy Star® appliances purchased after January 1, 2015. The appliance will have an Energy Star® logo on the appliance or on the appliance information or packaging. Members can also visit the U.S. Department of Energy website to find a list of certified products - .


Only the following Energy Star® appliances qualify for a rebate for residential members - heat pump water heater, refrigerator, clothes washer, freezer, dishwasher and heat pumps.


Rebates are:

Heat pump water heater - $300                                                        

Refrigerator - $100

Clothes washer - $75

Freezer - $50

Dishwasher - $50

Air-source heat pump or air conditioner - $300 


Effective April 1, 2016, the following requirements must be met to obtain an Energy Star® rebate for air source heat pumps and central air conditioners. Split systems, which are the most common heat pumps, shall be 15 SEER or greater, with HSPF greater than 8.5. Package systems shall be 15 SEER or greater, with HSPF greater than 8.2. 


Members must have a copy of their proof of purchase to send with the application, and the appliance must have been purchased after January 1, 2015. A copy of the AHRI certificate is also required for the heat pump rebate. To file for your Energy Star rebate, have your Jackson Energy account number available and click on the link below:


Energy Star Appliance Rebate Form:

To check the status of your rebate, click the link below:



The Energy Star Manufactured home program pays for energy-efficiency upgrades when a Jackson Energy member orders a new Energy Star Manufactured Home. To receive the upgrades and the rebate, the homeowner orders the home from their local retiailer and requests the Energy Star upgrades. These include extra insulation, energy-efficient windows and doors, as well as a heat pump instead of an electric furnace. 

Once the home is ordered, the manufacturer will verify that the new homeowner is a Jackson Energy member. The Energy Star rebate will pay $1,750 to the manufacturer to cover the cost of the upgrades. These upgrades will make your manufactured home more comfortable and result in lower electric bills, when compared to a home without the upgrades.



This is a new home program.  This home is constructed to an efficiency standard that should use 30% less energy versus standard construction practices for our area. The member should schedule a pre-construction meeting with a JE energy advisor. The advisor will share with the member information needed to qualify their new home as a Touchstone Energy Home. The energy advisor will perform two inspections on the home - a pre-drywall inspection and a final inspection. A blower door test is also performed as part of the final inspection. Touchstone Energy Homes qualify for a $750 rebate.   

To view or download the TOUCHSTONE ENERGY HOME SPECIFICATIONS click on the link below:





This program is for residential members who are considering changing from electric resistance heat to a heat pump. Examples of resistance electric heat are: baseboard, electric furnace, ceiling cable, wall heaters, etc. The existing heating system is required to be at least two years old. The ducting system, whenever possible, should also be sealed during the installation of the new heat pump. An energy advisor will inspect and the new heat pump before issuing a rebate. New mobile homes are eligible for this rebate when adding a heat pump to an electric furnace.

  • Replacing resistance heat with heat pump.
  • Rebate is $500.00 for 13 SEER, $750 for 14 SEER, $1000 for 15 SEER or higher.
  • Energy Advisor will inspect.
  • Duct system should be sealed.
  • Also applies to mobile homes.



A heat pump duct seal includes a check of your residential heat pump duct system for leakage.  Ductwork can be a major source of air leaks in the home, as much as 30% in the average home, which causes conditioned air to leak outdoors rathers than stay inside the home.   This leads to higher every bills.   This program is designed to encourage members to give attention to the HVAC duct systems in their homes.   It is a known fact that as these systems age, they will lose some efficiency.  With this program, a HVAC technician tests for duct leakage then seals the supply and return ducting, the most important element in the process.   The home must be an all electric home.

  • Jackson Energy (JE) contacts the JE Contractor with the members contact information
  • JE Contractor contacts member to schedule the duct sealing
  • JE Contractor completes a blower door test to find the amount and the source of any duct leakage
  • JE Contractor performs the duct sealing and retests to show leakage reduction
  • JE Contractor sends the results and invoice to Jackson Energy for payment
  • Jackson Energy remits payment of $300 to the Contractor
  • Member is charged a one-time fee of $50.00 (per heat pump unit) fee for service.
  • Fee will be added to the next bill statement after the work is completed.
  • JE covers the remaining $250 to Contractor to perform the work.
  • Duct system must be at least 80% accessible
  • Heat pump and ducting should be a minimum of two years old



This program encourages residential members to add insulation and other products and materials to their homes that will result in electric energy savings. Other products could include improved doors and windows, weather stripping, and general air sealing. The rebate is calculated so the member receives $40.00 for every 1000 Btu’s saved from the improvements that were made. The home is required to be a least two years old and all electric.

  • Rebate – Maximum rebate $520 – insulation only.
  • Rebate is based on amount of energy savings.


Additional information can obtained on these and other energy efficiency programs at all Jackson Energy office locations. To make an appointment with one of our marketing representatives, call  800-262-7480.