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Home sweet energy-efficient home


TONY DURBIN at his Estill County Energy Star Manufactured home.



Visitors drive past cattle when they go through the Triple T Farm gate to get to Tony Durbin's new Estill County home.

It sits next door to his grandmother's house, which was built around a log home, and the view from Durbin's kitchen window includes the rooftop of his parent's home over the hill. Being close to the family farm was important when Durbin and his fiance', Kelsey Merritt, were planning where to live.

They wanted to be on the family farm, and with a little help from their electric cooperative, the newest addition to the Triple T Farm property is an energy-efficient manufactured home.

Jackson Energy's Energy Star® manufactured home program provided $1,750 to help pay for upgrades to the custom-ordered home. Those upgrades included extra insulation, 2 X 6 walls, insulated doors and windows, as well as a high-efficiency heat pump. "Everything is energy efficient," Durbin said as he stood in the kitchen, pointing to the appliances the couple selected when they ordered the 1,500 square-foot home. To qualify for the Energy Star® program, the manufactured home is special ordered by a Jackson Energy member and custom built at the factory. Durbin and Merritt purchased their home from Clayton Homes in London.

Merritt first heard about Energy Star® homes, however, when she visited Clayton Homes in Richmond. Someone in Richmond provided Merritt with information on Energy Star® homes, and like many of today's consumers, they "got on Google and started reading reviews." Positive reviews on energy savings and lower electric bills convinced them to buy one.

"It was just like you would order a car," Durbin explained. "We picked the siding colors, trim and appliances we wanted." The manufactured home rebate is slightly different than other rebates. Instead of paying the member, the rebate is paid to the manufacturer. The manufacturer confirms the home will be served by Jackson Energy, and after the home is purchased, $1,750 is paid to the manufacturer.

"We felt like the upgrades will pay off in the long run," Durbin said. "You spend a little money here and save money there."


The couple, who were married in June, will be the latest generation of the Durbin family to call Triple T Farm their home, and it will be a home sweet energy-saving home.


For more information on the Energy Star Manufactured Home program, visit Jackson Energy rebates, or call 1 800-262-7480.